Debt restructuring with bad Credit bureau

Debt restructuring is not impossible in the case of bad Credit bureau. Read here how debt restructuring can be done despite Credit bureau and even without Credit bureau. The article provides detailed information on providers, loan amounts and interest rates.

Debt restructuring with bad Credit bureau – what should be rescheduled?

Debt restructuring with bad Credit bureau - what should be rescheduled?

A debt rescheduling in case of bad Credit bureau can be necessary for a small vacant sum or summarize the entire liabilities. A debt restructuring in two steps can also be advisable. Therefore, first of all to reschedule a small sum that is likely to result in the unfinished Credit bureau entry. With an unfinished Credit bureau entry, financing from Germany is almost impossible. The highest priority is therefore to have a negative entry completed.

A loan without Credit bureau, which comes from a foreign credit bank, is suitable for this purpose. This loan option is advertised through credit placement companies. As far as is known, all reputable credit offers today relate exclusively to a Liechtenstein bank. As far as can be seen, Demo lender bank is the only credit institution that can legally grant Credit bureau-free loans to Germans. 5,000 USD credit and 3,500 USD credit are freely available.

Credit conditions – debt rescheduling without Credit bureau

Credit conditions - debt rescheduling without Credit bureau

The application can be made through a credit intermediary or downloaded directly from the bank’s website. If the Credit bureau-free loan for debt rescheduling is applied for directly if the Credit bureau is bad, the following conditions result. For a loan of 3,500 USD, 11.62 percent effective annual interest must be paid. A single person can qualify for lending through a net work income of 1,130 USD. The loan is repayable in 40 constant monthly installments of USD 105.95 each.

If 5,000 USD are requested for debt rescheduling without Credit bureau, the Cream bank charges 11.61 percent APR. A single person must now prove 1,600 USD net income in order to qualify for the loan. This loan amount is also repaid in 40 equal monthly installments. The monthly rate is 151.35 USD.

In principle, a loan without Credit bureau from Liechtenstein can only be taken up by an employee who is employed. The permanent employment relationship must also have existed for at least 12 months. There must be no garnishment of wages or an entry in the public debtor register. If the loan is applied for through an intermediary, there are additional costs for brokering the loan. Additional costs may also apply for the request for cash payment.

Credit despite Credit bureau – debt restructuring from Germany

Credit despite Credit bureau - debt restructuring from Germany

Debt rescheduling in the case of poor Credit bureau is unfortunately only possible to a very limited extent via a foreign loan. Nevertheless, a Swiss loan without Credit bureau can be helpful to improve Credit bureau again. Comprehensive debt restructuring may also become possible again. A complete financial reorganization can be carried out on your own or a non-profit debt counselor can provide assistance. It is not advisable to offer financial restructuring outside of non-profit organizations. Otherwise, the costs for the refurbisher must be borne by yourself. You unnecessarily increase the mountain of debt.

First of all, it is important to actually record all liabilities and list them with the current transfer sums. With this list and all important documents, the way to debt counseling is now worthwhile. The financial professionals recognize whether debt restructuring leads to permanent improvement in the financial situation or whether private bankruptcy is advisable. If debt rescheduling is advised, it can continue on its own. A debt rescheduling loan despite bad Credit bureau is again only advertised by credit intermediaries.

This time it may even be advisable to use a credit broker. Various banks grant loans despite Credit bureau, and finding these credit banks on your own is almost impossible. A prospective customer who happens to come to the homepage of a special bank will find no advertisement for a debt rescheduling in bad Credit bureau. The providers keep a low profile and let their credit customers be “supplied” by credit intermediaries.

Debt restructuring despite Credit bureau – which credit bank is eligible?

Debt restructuring despite Credit bureau - which credit bank is eligible?

If debt rescheduling is to be carried out via a credit bank in the case of poor Credit bureau, Fine Bank will recommend credit intermediaries more often. The offer of debt rescheduling, also in the case of creditworthiness problems, this credit bank is called extra credit. The flexible terms are pleasant, up to 120 months are possible. There are also convenient options for top-up loans and special repayments. On the other hand, the effective annual interest rate of 11.95 percent is frightening regardless of the loan amount or term.

Online credit with instant approval without Credit Bureau


With an online loan with immediate approval without Credit Bureau, an immediate loan can be obtained even in difficult cases without the approval being made dependent on an assessment of the creditworthiness. Unemployed people, the self-employed and people on low incomes can also be in need of a loan, as can people who can easily go to the bank due to their high credit rating.

However, at the house bank, any applicant without sufficient creditworthiness will immediately be rejected. It is different on the free financial market. Here, the creditworthiness is irrelevant and a loan is granted based on actual collateral and a decision is made particularly quickly about the approval.

Find the right offer with a comparison

Find the right offer with a comparison

Since the offers for online credit with instant approval without Credit Bureau are so complex, transparency can only be favored with a comparison and the right decision can be simplified. In the comparison, interest and fees, but also contractual conditions are viewed in a direct comparison, thus directly excluding offers that are too expensive or not very flexible.

In order for an online loan with an instant approval without Credit Bureau to be attractive and to adapt to personal needs, it must be tailored to your own requirements and be compatible with the desired and existing security. You can secure an online loan with immediate approval without Credit Bureau with real assets or monetary values ​​that are transferred to the lender, but also with a guarantee from friends or relatives.

If you do not have your own real assets and still urgently need a loan with a fast payment, you can name a guarantor and provide the lender with the necessary security. When specifying the collateral, it must always be ensured that the amount of the collateral also matches the desired loan amount and does not fall below it.

The opportunity lies in the free financial market

The opportunity lies in the free financial market

Even in a difficult financial situation, a loan can often be the only chance to escape the debt trap and not to incur more debt. Whether you choose a personal loan or a Swiss loan through an independent financial service provider has no influence on the interest rate and flexibility of the offer.

The online credit with immediate approval without Credit Bureau is approved within 24 hours after the application and is paid out just as quickly. A quick and cheap loan is also ideal for urgent requests and invoices that cannot be postponed.

If there is no property at all, a guarantee can be used to secure the entire loan amount and thus make it payable. The guarantor is only liable if the borrower does not meet his payment obligation.

Take out a social loan


Do you want to take out a social loan, or are you curious about this? It ensures a lower interest rate, thanks to the support that the government provides to its providers. If you plan to buy a home or make an investment in it, for example, it is worth checking whether you are eligible for a social loan. This is the case in a number of cases. It is of course wise to go to a bank or an independent advisor for a loan, but the government is also a provider of credit. You have the option of taking out a relatively inexpensive social loan, thanks to the low interest rate and the good conditions that match the social loan.

Flemish Housing Fund and Flemish Society for Social Housing

Flemish Housing Fund and Flemish Society for Social Housing

If you plan to take out a social loan or to obtain more information about it, it is for example wise to focus on the Flemish Housing Fund. The government provides a form of subsidy, which ensures that this fund can offer a very competitive interest rate for the loans. Of course you have to take into account that you have to meet various conditions in order to qualify for this and take out the loan. Do you meet this, or do you have the opportunity to do so? Then it is very interesting to save costs in this way.

You can also go to the Flemish Society for Social Housing (VMSW) for a social loan. Since 1 January 2014, this company has applied the same conditions as the Vlaams Woningfonds, so you can use one of the initiatives. You can find out yourself whether you qualify for social housing, in order to make use of a loan with a competitive interest rate. Does this not appear to be the case? Then there are other possibilities to reduce costs as much as possible.

Social loan and guarantee from the Flemish government

Social loan and guarantee from the Flemish government

With a social loan you can think for example of a guarantee from the Flemish government, or for example of a region. They will then, as it were, guarantee the loan you wish to take out, giving the bank more certainty that the money will come back anyway. In addition, the guarantees ensure that you have the opportunity to negotiate the lowest interest rate with the bank. Is this not possible with the bank alone? Then, thanks to the guarantees from the government, it is still possible to reduce the interest rate, so that you can keep costs well under control.

The Flemish government has designated a number of lenders who can be of service to you with a cheap loan. The government is looking closely at the way in which the banks operate and the negotiations they conduct. You can use the Onesto home loan site to find out where you have the opportunity to receive support and take out a social loan. It is wise to focus on those lenders, as the social loan ensures that you can take out the best possible interest rate and keep costs to a minimum.

Green loan from the FRGE

Green loan from the FRGE

Do you already own a home, but would you still like to take out a social loan? In that case you can, for example, use the green loan from the FRGE. For example, if you plan to place solar panels on the roof or if you want to have a renovation done to better insulate a house, it is quite possible to get a form of subsidy for this. You can use a green loan, which as a social loan ensures that the interest rate is considerably lower than would normally be the case. You can use the FRGE’s website to find out where you have the option of taking out such a social loan, using the resources available. Before you take out a loan for a home or the improvement thereof, it is wise to properly list all options. In this way you ensure that you know what is possible and what you can possibly deliver. If it does not work you can not take out a social loan, but if there is a possibility that is of course a nice bonus and you can therefore opt for the social loan.

Lower interest rate thanks to social loan

Lower interest rate thanks to social loan

The social loan ensures in almost all cases a lower interest rate, which can very easily ensure that the costs will decrease considerably over the entire term. For example, suppose you pay an interest rate of 4% on a loan of $ 125,000. In that case it will cost you $ 5,000 per year in interest. Would the interest be only 0.2% lower and would you therefore only pay $ 3.8%? Then this lower interest rate ensures that you can save $ 250 on the interest annually. If there is a term of 20 years, this means a saving of $ 5,000 over the entire term, so that you can borrow money for the first year, as it were. The interest rate of the credit therefore has a major influence on the final costs, making it important to pay close attention to this. In addition, take into account the other conditions of a social loan, both with which you must meet and during the term of the credit. Compare the social loan online with other credits and make your own choice between the various offers available to see where the social loan will be most suitable.

Fast credit without proof of salary

A quick loan without proof of salary is often sought by consumers who either have a very low income or are currently not receiving any income at all, but have to live on social benefits. Such loans are actually not in the interest of the banks.

Because they want collateral from their borrowers. And in the first place here is the income, which must match the loan and the associated loan amount. So what to do if no income is generated and therefore a quick loan without proof of salary is sought?

Not a lot of choice

Not a lot of choice

The selection in this area is unfortunately quite limited. Nowadays you can choose from an almost unmanageable amount of loan offers. But if it is to be such a special loan, the selection shrinks to a minimum. Even the otherwise popular credit without Credit Bureau cannot help here. Because without Credit Bureau does not mean that you can also be without salary. But on the contrary. If the Credit Bureau is bad, at least the income must be perfect.

Only a co-applicant can provide a solution. He should act as the main borrower and must have an income as well as a good Credit Bureau. If this is the case, a loan agreement may arise. Should it not be possible to name this co-applicant, then all that remains are the installment payment agreements that many mail order companies, telephone companies and sometimes even retailers have ready for their customers.

Small loan – very convenient

If you buy something with a higher value there, you can pay it in convenient small installments. Only the Credit Bureau counts here and only a flat rate is asked for an income. Evidence does not usually have to be presented in this regard, so that a quick loan without proof of salary would be possible in this way. However, this is then tied to the items purchased and the money can never be paid out.


It is therefore very difficult to take out a loan without salary or income. And rightly so. Because those who do not have their own income will find it very difficult to repay the loan to the bank. In principle, you would head towards classic debt without income. Therefore, it should be considered very carefully whether a loan is really necessary and whether it can really be repaid.

Loan Interest Rate – Read all about the interest rate

The interest rate is an important part of a loan, it also determines the costs that you pay for a loan. The lower the interest rate falls, the lower the costs you pay for a loan. Keep in mind that it is of course also wise to use a reliable lender, with good conditions. What happens, for example, in the event of your death and what about the fixed interest rate? Do not just go for the most competitive offer, make an online comparison and pay attention to some of the following factors that we have listed for you.

In any case, take a good look at the interest rate per year and view our example calculation to get an idea of ​​the influence of the interest rate on the total costs that you have to take into account. You can also choose between a fixed or a variable interest rate. Do you want as much security as possible, or do you dare to take some risk on the other side and therefore perhaps pay less for the credit? Finally, the actual costs per year will be slightly higher than the mentioned interest rate, something that we will discuss at the end of this article.

Interest rate per year

Interest rate per year

Keep in mind that the interest rate always represents an expense percentage per year. You probably pay the interest per month, which means that the actual costs will be even higher. However, you can use the interest rate per year for borrowing money to compare the costs of different loans. An interest rate can be both fixed and variable and it has a significant impact on the final costs you pay.

It is wise to look for the lowest possible interest rate, provided it is a reliable loan with good conditions. In addition, pay close attention to the term of the credit. For example, a low interest rate combined with a very long term can still cause the costs of a loan to run high. In that case it is even possible that the loan is more expensive than a loan with a shorter term and a higher interest rate per year. Compare the costs and repayment options within a short period of time to choose the ideal interest rate and loan term.

Influence of the interest rate

Influence of the interest rate

The interest rate has a significant influence on the costs you pay, so it is wise to look closely at this. For example, suppose you take out a loan of $ 10,000 and pay an interest of 7% per year. Without repayments, this would lead to an interest rate of $ 700 in a year, just under $ 60 per month. However, would you find a loan with an interest of 6% per year? Then this means that you only pay $ 600 interest per year, making the monthly costs suddenly $ 50. This can lead to significant cost savings, in this case of almost 17% on interest charges.

It is therefore worth taking a good look at the interest rate and also taking minor differences of one percent or less than that seriously. A saving of $ 100 per year on the interest will simply lead to a total saving of $ 1,000 over a 10-year term, which means that a large part of the costs of the credit will suddenly disappear. Compare the interest rate of the different lenders, to be able to make a good choice.

Which interest rate do you choose?

Which interest rate do you choose?

You also have a choice of a fixed or variable interest rate, an important choice when you take out a loan. Traditionally, the personal loan has a fixed interest rate, while the revolving credit facility uses a variable interest rate, for example.

If the interest rate is fixed, this means that you agree with the bank in advance what interest rate you will pay over the entire term. Whatever the interest on the market does in the meantime, you default to pay the interest rate that you have agreed, throughout the life of the loan.

On the other hand, do you opt for a variable interest rate for borrowing money? Then you take, as it were, some risk, something that can give you a discount on the cost of the credit. A variable interest rate is often slightly lower, because you take over part of the risk from the bank. The moment the interest rate rises you pay a little more for the credit you took out, the monthly costs will go up a bit. Is interest on the other side starting to fall? Then the costs will decrease, so that the interest rate ensures that you will have more money left over every month.

Interest rate and actual costs per year

Finally, you should take into account that the interest rate is not equal to the actual costs per year. For example, suppose you pay an interest of 3.95% per year for a home loan, then chances are that the actual costs will amount to 4% per year. There are no hidden costs, this is due to the fact that you will pay the interest monthly.

If you turn it around this becomes clearer. Suppose you have a savings account with an interest rate of 1.95%. If you receive this amount annually, this is equal to the actual yield. However, if you were to receive the interest per month, you would then receive interest on interest after the first month of the year. This means that you also receive interest on the amount that you received in interest on your capital. As a result, the interest rises slightly further than the aforementioned 1.95%. The other way around, this also works with a credit, although in that case it is of course to your disadvantage. That way, the actual cost of the credit will be slightly higher than the said interest rate, so if that’s nothing to worry about, it has to do with paying the interest per month.

Online credit without credit check

Being able to apply for an online loan without a credit check sounds tempting. Without a credit check, the credit check is completely unnecessary. The loan for everyone would be a reality. The problem of over-indebtedness would also be eliminated. New loans of this type could be applied for on an ongoing basis. Anyone who finishes the thought realizes that such a loan is rather unrealistic.

An online loan without a credit check is possible

An online loan without a credit check is possible

Online credit without a credit check is more than just an advertising duck. However, the advertising message must not be taken too literally. If the advertising promise could be implemented word for word, the credit system would collapse worldwide. The best evidence for this thesis is the euro crisis. This was triggered by an “open check” of the credit requirements in the USA.

Meanwhile, the finance ministers of all countries have reacted and significantly reduced the risk of repetition through the Basel Treaty. A complete waiver of the credit check is meaningless and is therefore excluded.

These offers do not require a credit check on Credit Bureau’s data, and it is a negative Credit Bureau entry that often causes a credit crunch. Traditionally, the loan without the credit check at Credit Bureau is offered as a foreign loan.

In addition, although limited to a few providers, specialist providers from Germany can stand behind the loan offer. Advertising is rarely placed by the provider himself. It is almost always necessary to use a credit broker so that the loan can be applied for without Credit Bureau.

The application process for special loans without a credit check

The application process for special loans without a credit check

The first contact is often similar to the procedure of a direct bank. The application for online credit without a credit check is completed online. However, the software asks whether only credit proposals without Credit Bureau are desired or whether a loan application with a Credit Bureau check is also possible. If we are only looking for a Credit Bureau-free loan, the applicant should be aware of the increased loan costs. Interest costs of up to 20 percent were demonstrated in the course of a study.

In addition, Credit Bureau-free loans can only be approved in exceptional cases, at least that is the result of an investigation by the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. In addition to the increased financing costs and the low prospect of success, there is a great risk of being caught by a dubious provider.

The business of hoping for a loan is often even more lucrative than real loan brokerage. All serious providers and consumer advice centers are therefore warning of offers that require advance payment for their services. Reputable credit brokers only work for a performance fee.

The online loan without a credit check from private promises more transparency. The upfront costs to be paid are minimally the interest rates in line with the market. The platforms for personal loans demand a publication fee of 10 dollars. Without the Credit Bureau certificate, which shows the negative entry, the realistic loan amount is rather low.

Instant loan without Credit Bureau query

Today, borrowers can look forward to numerous changes in the credit market. In recent years, the numerous online banks have brought new providers to the market, which in particular have had a positive impact on the effective interest rates for many offers.

The online banks often offer significantly better conditions to the banks and savings banks with a fixed branch system. Last but not least, borrowers can look forward to quick applications, flexible contractual terms and low interest rates when it comes to online loan offers. So-called instant loans are now offered both with and without Credit Bureau information.

Borrowers who previously had a negative Credit Bureau were hardly allowed to calculate the chances of getting a loan; today, a negative Credit Bureau is no longer an obstacle to lending. Borrowers who want to apply for an instant loan without Credit Bureau query should not do without a comparison on the Internet, since there are also numerous offers in the area of ​​instant loans without Credit Bureau, a precise comparison is also worthwhile here.

Find instant credit without Credit Bureau query with the best individual conditions – Here’s how

Find instant credit without Credit Bureau query with the best individual conditions - Here

When comparing several offers, cost-conscious consumers should primarily focus on effective interest rates as the most important comparison criterion. The effective interest rate is actually variable for all offers and depends on various factors, such as the creditworthiness of the borrower.

In addition to creditworthiness, other factors play a decisive role, for example, borrowers should not underestimate the loan amount, term and repayment with their impact on the effective interest rate. In the case of an immediate loan without a Credit Bureau query, the Credit Bureau is no longer an examining body for the credit check, which means that the income of the borrower is particularly heavily weighted.

Those who have a high, constant salary can also benefit from attractive interest rates with an instant loan without Credit Bureau. Maturity and loan amount are always risk indicators for the bank. Those who opt for a short term and a low loan amount can hope for a low-interest offer. Borrowers who rely on a high loan amount and a long term pose a significantly greater risk for the bank, so that they also have to expect higher interest rates.

Find instant loan without Credit Bureau query with the lowest interest rate – compare on the internet

Find instant loan without Credit Bureau query with the lowest interest rate - compare on the internet

Loan calculators are now provided by numerous financial portals so that the borrower can easily find the best individual loan offer. The credit calculator comparison enables individual sizes to be taken into account in the comparison. In addition to the loan amount, term and repayment, income or use can also be taken into account, for example. Below you can quickly filter out the offers with the best conditions, call up the lowest interest rates and save a lot of money in the long term.

Borrowing with a benefit

There are of course various types of benefits, just as there are different types of loans. The only question is, if you want a loan, which benefit will become, and which benefit will not be included when it comes to borrowing money. Borrowing money with a benefit is still possible, but the number of benefits that is included in the calculation of a loan is very limited. We have scanned the internet for you and delved into the various acceptance criteria of the banks. In the overviews below you can easily check when borrowing money with a benefit is possible. And of course also when there is no point in a loan to request. This can save a lot of disappointments. In the past, however, benefits were included better than today. Banks have become increasingly strict in lending. And this can certainly be noticed when we look at which benefits are and which are not possible.

Borrowing money with a benefit is possible with:

Borrowing money with a benefit is possible with:

Borrowing money with a benefit may be possible with the following benefits:

  • fixed annuity payment
  • retirement income
  • AOW pension
  • WIA benefit
  • WAO benefit

This list is of course not exhaustive, if you have any additional information, or if you have questions about borrowing money with a benefit, you can fill in the response form below. We then ask experts if they would also like to look at the question and give a correct response.

Borrowing money with a benefit is not possible with:

Borrowing money with a benefit is not possible with:

We have to add a little nuance here. If you have a partner who does have income from employment, or a benefit that can be included in the calculation for the money loans. Then a loan can still be possible.

  • Social assistance benefit
  • unemployment benefits
  • WAJONG benefit
  • WGA benefit

Is your benefit not listed? Fill in the response form below, and we will process the benefit you mentioned in the correct row as soon as possible.

Credit Bureau-free credit from abroad

Germany has changed sustainably. The gap is not only widening between rich and poor. Even when it comes to lending, things are no longer going smoothly. Garnishment exemption limits, perhaps even a negative Credit Bureau entry, deny the chance of a loan. A Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad can offer a way out of the credit crunch, but how does it work? Which alternatives to the foreign loan should be included in a loan comparison?

A Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad – the classic Swiss loan

A Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad - the classic Swiss loan

A Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad is possible, many people have already heard of it. These loans are advertised in magazines and especially on the Internet. Everything looks very simple in advertising. Just submit a short application and the postman with the money is at the door. Of course, it’s not that simple. A well thought-out system is hidden behind the concept of loans without Credit Bureau.

There is always a credit broker at the beginning of the chain. It is he who advertises and advances the process. His performance and business contacts provide the basis for the prospects of success. Without the credit brokerage, there would be no foreign loans for German borrowers. An international loan cannot simply be applied for directly from the bank. The credit intermediary must first process the application and provide the necessary background information so that the foreign bank can act.

Why is the loan at all possible without Credit Bureau?

Why is the loan at all possible without Credit Bureau?

Loans without Credit Bureau are possible due to the variety of credit systems. Legislation only specifies the framework for the credit system. Every country in the world sets its own standards. The Credit Bureau is “the measure of all things” in creditworthiness only in Germany. Foreign banks set their own guidelines for loans. The Credit Bureau can, but does not necessarily have to be involved.

From this point of view, a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad is nothing unusual. It only becomes problematic with the credit check. For this purpose, foreign banks need a credit intermediary who collects and compiles the necessary information seriously. There is no need for Credit Bureau information.

Obstacles and stumbling blocks on the way to a Credit Bureau-free loan

Obstacles and stumbling blocks on the way to a Credit Bureau-free loan

The cost of a foreign loan without Credit Bureau is always slightly higher than that of a normal domestic loan. The price difference arises on the one hand from the agent’s fee, but it is not alone. Foreign loans often have a significantly higher interest rate level than a loan from Germany.

Loans are subject to market competition. Anyone who is eligible for a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad should therefore compare exactly. Offers for the foreign loan should be included as well as domestic credit without Credit Bureau and the personal loan.