Fast credit without proof of salary

A quick loan without proof of salary is often sought by consumers who either have a very low income or are currently not receiving any income at all, but have to live on social benefits. Such loans are actually not in the interest of the banks.

Because they want collateral from their borrowers. And in the first place here is the income, which must match the loan and the associated loan amount. So what to do if no income is generated and therefore a quick loan without proof of salary is sought?

Not a lot of choice

Not a lot of choice

The selection in this area is unfortunately quite limited. Nowadays you can choose from an almost unmanageable amount of loan offers. But if it is to be such a special loan, the selection shrinks to a minimum. Even the otherwise popular credit without Credit Bureau cannot help here. Because without Credit Bureau does not mean that you can also be without salary. But on the contrary. If the Credit Bureau is bad, at least the income must be perfect.

Only a co-applicant can provide a solution. He should act as the main borrower and must have an income as well as a good Credit Bureau. If this is the case, a loan agreement may arise. Should it not be possible to name this co-applicant, then all that remains are the installment payment agreements that many mail order companies, telephone companies and sometimes even retailers have ready for their customers.

Small loan – very convenient

If you buy something with a higher value there, you can pay it in convenient small installments. Only the Credit Bureau counts here and only a flat rate is asked for an income. Evidence does not usually have to be presented in this regard, so that a quick loan without proof of salary would be possible in this way. However, this is then tied to the items purchased and the money can never be paid out.


It is therefore very difficult to take out a loan without salary or income. And rightly so. Because those who do not have their own income will find it very difficult to repay the loan to the bank. In principle, you would head towards classic debt without income. Therefore, it should be considered very carefully whether a loan is really necessary and whether it can really be repaid.

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